A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Evil has started to appear everywhere!

Tilt the world to move, and ban the evil from Rollland!


Left/Right: Rotate the World

Up: Jump

Space: Select Menu Item

Esc: Open Menu

There are two palettes in the game. You can switch between them from either the pause or the main menu.

The game saves automatically when quit through the main menu, which is available from the map only. Do not close the window using the [x] button so you do not lose your game progress.

Install instructions

macOS: Roru comes as a compressed .dmg-file, which can be mounted by double-clicking. You can then run Roru either directly from the DMG, or put it somewhere, you like. To completely remove it from your Mac you can use a utility like AppCleaner. (Roru saves its settings in ~/Library/Application Support/io.gero.Roru, but there are more files to be removed, like saved application states and logs, which AppCleaner will detect.)

Windows: Roru comes to you as a single .exe-file, which can be run from any place. It will store a savegame file in %localappdata%\Roru, which you can delete if you wish to start anew or remove the game from your computer.

Linux: Roru comes as a .zip-file which needs to be extracted, for example from the terminal using the unzip command, before running. Afterwards you can put the extracted directory anywhere you want and run Roru from there.


Roru-1.0.0.dmg 20 MB
Roru- 14 MB
Roru-100.zip 16 MB
Roru Wallpaper 63 kB

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